Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Update

You may have noticed I did not publish a new article for the month of July. I'm not one of make excuses, so I'll just say between the jobs I'm working and my other projects, it just didn't happen. But as you may see later, all of my good stuff from last month is being diverted to another outlet.

On that note, I would like to point out that Creative Screenwriting Magazine, long dormant after some economic woes, will be relaunched next week online. I have been recruited to write a weekly column, SCRIPTMONK! at the Movies in which I will take a close critical look at one of each week's new releases. It's not just a movie review column. It is not just a column on the craft. It is both at once. It will contain reviews strictly from the screenwriter's perspective, shining a light on techniques to be emulated, and picking apart the places where scripts fall short. In addition, I have prepared a regular supply of original and thought-provoking stand-alone articles on the practice and theory of cinematic storytelling.

In other news, I have decided to keep Screenwriting Down to the Atoms at its discounted introductory price of $13.99 until the end of 2013; available from over a dozen online retailers, the Samuel French Bookstore in Los Angeles, and Book Soup in West Hollywood. The e-book version is currently exclusive at Amazon for $4.99, and can be borrowed for free by members of Kindle Select.

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