Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Limited Time Return of SCRIPTMONK Services

With Screenwriting and The Unified Theory of Narrative, Part II now finished and on the shelves, I find I have more free time on my hands. Because of this, I have decided to bring back my script analysis services for three months only. See my website page HERE for details.

I am also offering a discount of $15 off basic coverage or $25 off advanced feedback with recent purchase of Screenwriting and The Unified Theory of Narrative, Part I or Part II. (I will honor purchases back as far as October 1.) Usually, a simple screenshot of the Amazon order confirmation screen or email works fine as proof of purchase.

I have one request, however. NO FIRST DRAFTS, PLEASE. It is a universal law of screenwriting. No matter how experienced the writer, first drafts are always embarrassingly poor. It is merely a "vomit" draft, meaning its purpose is for the writer to heave up his or her not yet entirely formed ideas onto paper. I always tell writers to never send their first drafts to anyone. Since the new script needs time to "find itself," you owe it to yourself and your script to shape it into the best work you can before sending it out to be potentially savaged. Otherwise, feedback becomes a painful experience for both the reader and the writer who will receive a mountain of negative comments.

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