Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You probably notice that this blog has recently undergone a significant makeover. This has been done in recognition of the fact that Screenwriting Down to the Atoms, my first book and the culmination of two solid years of hard work is now in print and available for purchase on So feel free to explore. This is now a multi-page blog, with icon links in the box in the upper-right corner that will take you around the site.

While you are at it, please take a moment to visit the Screenwriting Down to the Atoms page on Amazon. You will find it is different than most other screenwriting books. It was designed to be different. There are a lot of screenwriting books out there, and a good majority are a complete waste of your time. Atoms was written in direct reaction to all the weak, repetitive, ineffective, and incomplete guides that promise readers the world, and then deliver the same old half-baked methods, confuse readers with incorrect notions, and then send them off worse than they started. At an incredibly compact 250 pages, Atoms gives beginners to advanced writers a comprehensive instruction on the craft, featuring new discoveries and groundbreaking approaches never taught before, all revolving around the Story Spine and audience-centered method I have developed through this blog over the past four and a half years.

Atoms is not more of the same-old, same-old. It goes deeper into the fundamentals of the craft and takes them into a new direction, richer and more detailed than ever before to push screencraft into a new direction for the 21st century.

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