Thursday, February 14, 2013

Screenwriting Down to the Atoms is now Available as an eBook!

Screenwriting Down to the Atoms is now available to in electronic form from the following online retailers for only $4.99!:

Click on the images above to go directly to Atoms' product page on site. The Amazon Kindle Store provides versions that can be read on the Kindle and iPad/iPhones using the Kindle app. Smashwords provides a plethora of brand-independent formats that can be read on almost any electronic device, from the B&N Nook to your PC/Mac to a PDA.

Personally, I'm old-school and prefer a book I can actually hold in my hands, but the eBook version is great if you are:

  • International? -- Get ahold of Atoms even if you live in locations where cannot deliver!
  • Impatient? -- Why wait (and pay) for shipping? You can now download Atoms in seconds!
  • Tech-lover? -- Take Atoms with you wherever you an your electronic devices go!
  • Budget-conscious? -- At only $4.99 you can get all Atoms' knowledge for only a fraction of the price!
  • Commitment-Shy? -- Both vendors allow you to preview the book before you buy. Smashwords even allows customers to view over thirty pages!
If you prefer other online retailers, Atoms is also coming soon to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble Nook store, the Sony Reader store, Kobo, and more. Look for Atoms on these sites by the end of February.

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