Saturday, November 23, 2013

OUT TODAY! "Screenwriting Down to the Atoms: The Absolute Essentials"

Last January, I published my first book, Screenwriting Down to the Atoms: Digging Deeper into the Craft of Cinematic Storytelling, a guide for beginning and intermediate screenwriters on the unique and effective method to understanding cinematic storytelling I have developed over the past six years. At fourteen chapters and roughly 270 pages, it was written to be both comprehensive and compact. In-depth, yet easy to read. Both classic and extremely new.

Today I have released a new side-version of Atoms intended to make things even easier for developing writers. Screenwriting Down to the Atoms: The Absolute Essentials selects the four chapters that make up the core of Atoms - and by extension, the core of the entire SCRIPTMONK! method - and repackages them into a tight, roughly 50-page package that is available for download ABSOLUTELY FREE. The selected chapters, "The Basic of the Most Basic," "The Golden Key," "The Sequence Method," and "On Character" - though just a small part that contained in Atoms - represent the baseline of knowledge every writer really needs to know if he or she ever hopes to create a truly dramatic story that will engage its audience and give them the emotionally-satisfying experience they need.


At the time of this writing, Atoms: The Absolute Essentials is available only at, where it is available for download (did I mention for FREE?) in ePub for iPad, Nook, Sony Reader and other devices, Kindle format, and good old-fashioned PDF.

UPDATE: Atoms:Essentials is now also available at Barnes&, the Apple iBookstore, Kobo, and Diesel books. Availability on Amazon is forthcoming.

(NOTE: The eBook is a brand spanking-new file. If you experience anything screwy or glitchy with its presentation or formatting, please let me know at I will appreciate it.)

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