Monday, July 6, 2015


It has been in the works for almost a year now (and has been the reason for my serious neglect of this blog), so I believe the time has come to make the announcement official. Since August of last year I have been pouring every free hour into the creation of my follow-up to Screenwriting Down to the Atoms and by far my most ambitious project to date. The new book, currently titled Screenwriting and the Unified Theory of Narrative is expected to be finished and available in two installments, starting this Fall.

Screenwriting and the Unified Theory of Narrative is not a how-to book. It is an advanced guide on cinematic narrative theory for experienced readers containing nothing but new and original material found nowhere else and taught by no one else.

What is the Unified Theory of Narrative? As far as screencraft goes, it is a theory of everything. It is a theory meant to explain all existing theories. It is a structure which take into account all other structures. It attempts to answer all current questions on the cinematic narrative and come as close as possible to providing a truly universal model to explain the form, purpose, and execution of story as found in the Hollywood and American Independent film. In other words, if I were a mad scientist, this would be my doomsday device.

But the book is about far more than form and structure. It is more so about how the cinematic story communicates meaning. It examines the personal, cultural, and social dimensions of storytelling and explains how the feature-length film uses its unique physical and narrative properties to communicate its message to an audience.

The first installment, Part I: The Unified Cinematic Structure should be available in both ebook and paperback in October or November 2015. The second installment, Part II: Genre, Pattern & the Concept of Total Meaning should follow in three to four months, and soon after a full edition containing both sections in one volume.

Updates to follow.

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