Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Atoms" FREE on Amazon for this weekend only (Super secret! Tell no one!)

Just kidding. Tell everyone you want. I have chosen to dub this coming Saturday and Sunday "Atomic Weekend." This Saturday June 8, Screenwriting Down to the Atoms will be available for download in eBook form its 270-page entirety for FREE on Amazon.com. The following Sunday June 9, it will be available for only 99 cents. If you have not yet given yourself the chance to get a copy of Atoms, with its fresh ideas and unique approaches to the craft of cinematic storytelling, there will never be a better time than this weekend.

Follow this Amazon link to get Screenwriting Down to the Atoms right now.

Don't own a Kindle? No problem. There are a number of free e-reader programs that allow you to read Kindle books on any laptop. Mobipocket is one of the most popular.

If you like what you read, but not the eyestrain while reading it, paperback copies are currently available at an Amazon price of only $12.59 (that's discounted from $17.99!)

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