Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New SCRIPTMONK Article in Creative Screenwriting Magazine! And Updates! Exclamation points!

Hello all!!!

Creative Screenwriting Magazine online has recently published a revised and expanded version of my November 2016 blog article "Hand of the Princess, The Keys to the Kingdom; Or, Why the Romantic Subplot?" This improved version of the original article features more on the practical application of its insights into the Hollywood romantic subplot, particularly the direct structural links between the romantic subplot and the hero's Character Arc. Read the CS article HERE.


I have also begun work on another article for Creative Screenwriting, to be titled "When the Bad Guys Win" on the four narrative types detailed in Screenwriting & The Unified Theory of Narrative, Part I; particularly defining the Tragic and Cynical narratives--two common varieties of cinematic story so often ignored by other materials on screencraft. Look out for the new article in the coming months.

You may also like to know that I soon plan to return to my "SCRIPTMONK! Goes to the Movies" series of articles on a regular monthly basis. Far more than simple movie "reviews," these articles will analyze what can be learned from the narrative successes and failures of recent releases, taken purely from the perspective of screencraft and narrative theory.

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