Wednesday, October 11, 2017

TWO New Scriptmonk Articles in MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE

Last month I had a new two-part article published over on the Moviemaker Magazine website. But I have been so busy that I have had barely enough time to even mention it--which is odd, seeing the extensive amount of time I put into preparing these articles.

If you have read Screenwriting & The Unified Theory of Narrative, Part I, the content should already be familiar to you. If you haven't, give the articles a read for a taste of what UTN Part I is all about.

In short, the two pieces repacks in a tighter and more compact a few of Unified Theory, Part I's most crucial concepts: Hollywood filmmaking's four narrative types (Celebratory, Cautionary, Tragic, and Cynical), and the practical mechanics behind the way these four types communicate thematic meaning through the combined structures of plot and character.

Follow the links:
Part #1: When the Bad Guys Win

Part #2: Hero Versus the World

All pretty much crucial info to understand how the structures of plot, character, and theme interact to create a unified whole.

Scribble on.


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